1. "Having perfected our disguise, we spend our lives searching for someone we don’t fool."
    — Robert Brault (via petite—fleur)

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    This aired on ABC.

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  3. “And eventually I became a freelance writer traveling to these unhappy places full of danger and chaos. The real journalists, the regularly employed, they sneer at me. I’m a cheap adventurer. I’m taking up space among people who have to be there. But in my story they’re a pack of lemmings who don’t care about the truth or the feel or the sights and sounds of the faces and the voices—only about the stick images, stock phrases, the news that’s making everybody tired of life. I’m not here to get news. I’m making a story.”

    —Denis Johnson, Why I Write.

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  5. "

    Andrew Vecchio, the co-founder and CEO of Startup and Tech Mixer, wanted to make it absolutely clear that his Friday night event — with 2,500 attendees, a bouncy blowup game of Twister, and a mechanical bull in downtown San Francisco’s W Hotel — was not a party.

    “We don’t use the word ‘party.’ We’re bringing consciously designed spaces and innovative thinkers together to inspire,” said Vecchio, who is 26 and formerly worked at Apple and J.P. Morgan. “This is our fifth mixer. People are like, ‘Andrew, what could be next?’ And it’s like, ‘Oh. Done.’ We have a mechanical bull. Game-changer. Innovate.”

    — This is self-satire, as the SF-tech milieu tends to be, but it’s hilarious if you imagine this as some negative-world version of Andrew WK. (via katherinestasaph)
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    LCD Bookshelf System - James Murphy is a Pynchon fan…yeah, I’m not surprised either.

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    True Detective finale spoiler alert

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